Communities across the country are combating reactionary policy proposals aimed at increasing youth incarceration.

On May 19, the Columbia Justice Lab co-sponsored an important virtual forum on Fixing Rikers Island: A Federal Receivership?

Building upon a groundswell of voices for change, jurisdictions across the U.S.

The pandemic has undeniably exposed the glaring racial and economic disparities that exist within the U.S.

Reuben Miller, a chaplain at the Cook County Jail in Chicago and now a sociologist studying mass incarceration, will discuss his new and acclaimed

One year ago, as the COVID-19 outbreak hit our nation, many probation and parole officials throughout the country sought to limit the impact of the

On September 30, 2020 Columbia Justice Lab's Emerging Adult Justice Project hosted a panel discussion on specialized parole and resentencing laws f

In partnership with Bard Prison Initiative (BPI) on June 11th, the Justice Lab presented a virtual evening event featuring a half hour-long screeni

What risks does COVID-19 present to young people incarcerated in US jails, prisons and juvenile facilities?