Emerging Adult Justice

The Emerging Adult Justice Project leads action-research projects focused on 18- to 25-year-olds involved in the justice system. Our mission is to inform and drive developmentally appropriate and effective justice responses that advance successful paths to adulthood.

Probation and Parole

Through actionable research and policy development, convening system and community stakeholders, and site-specific engagement strategies, the Justice Lab’s Probation and Parole Project aims to shift the way probation and parole operate in the United States. We envision a world where probation and parole are smaller, less punitive, and more hopeful, equitable, and helpful, and where resources are invested directly to communities in ways that advance collective efficacy, opportunity, and racial equity.

Research on Incarceration

Research at the Justice Lab examines the consequences of high incarceration rates, intersections between incarceration and other social problems, conditions of extreme confinement, and how incarceration rates might be reduced to promote public safety and justice.

Square One

Square One is taking on the fundamental issues: poverty and racial inequality, violence and safety, criminalization and punishment. We're challenging traditional responses to crime, and looking in new places for more effective responses, by asking a new question: if we start over from “square one,” how would justice policy be different?