Webinar: COVID-19’s Impact on Incarcerated Youth

April 21, 2020

What risks does COVID-19 present to young people incarcerated in US jails, prisons and juvenile facilities?

Watch the webinar here.

In a livestreamed webinar hosted by Eastern State Penitentiary on April 21st, four national youth justice leaders, including Youth First’s Hernan Carvente Martinez and Liz Ryan; Retha Onitiri from New Jersey Institute for Social Justice; and Vincent Schiraldi, Senior Research Scientist, Columbia School of Social Work, discussed what steps could protect this vulnerable population and how individuals can get involved.Watch the webinar here.

This event was part of Eastern State's ongoing Searchlight Series of events addressing issues in contemporary corrections. The Searchlight Series discussions typically take place the first Tuesday of every month, free and open to the public. No reservations required. During the temporary closure due to COVID-19, The Searchlight Series discussions will take place weekly via Facebook livestream every Tuesday evening.

COVID-19' Impact on Incarcerated Youth