Illinois Raise the Age Testimony

Lael Chester and Vincent Schiraldi
March 16, 2021

Written testimony of Lael Chester and Vincent Schiraldi regarding H.B. 111/133, on legislation to gradually raise the upper age of juvenile jurisdiction for misdemeanor cases

In this written testimony presented to Illinois General Assembly, Lael Chester and Vincent Schiraldi share a summary of research showing:

  • the potential to increase public safety by applying more effective, developmentally appropriate responses, services and opportunities to this distinct age group;
  • the benefits inherent in the juvenile justice system to hold youth up to age 21 accountable in a manner that will allow them to reach developmental milestones critical to desistance of crime and to transition into healthy, law-abiding adults; and
  • the important policy implications that we have learned through our work.

Read the full testimony HERE.