Less is More in New York

January 29, 2018

As the number of people in New York’s state prisons and local jails, including Rikers Island, has been declining, one population is on the rise – persons incarcerated for state parole violations. This, even as city and state leaders agree that the Rikers Island should close and that more attention should be paid to the parole violation issue.

This research brief examines this issue in greater detail, focusing on its impact on New York City’s jail population at this critical time. It concludes with recommendations to reduce unnecessary incarceration of persons on parole as well as to shrink the overall parole population and focus parole supervision and supports on those who need it the most.

Read the report: Less is More in New York: An Examination of the Impact of State Parole Violations on Prison and Jail Populations

Read the Executive Summary: Less is More in New York

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